Caribbean Christian Response

 Session II : (1 weekend)
Youth (5 - 11)
Virtual Bible School (VBS)
Aug 25th - Aug 26th
Fri. 7pm(Ja)/8pm(TT) - Sat. 10am(Ja)/11am(TT)
 Session I : (2 weeks)
Youth (12 - 18+)
Virtual Discipleship
Aug 10th - Aug 12th
Aug 17th - Aug 19th
Thurs. & Fri. 7pm (Ja)/8pm(TT), 
Sat. 10am (Ja)/11am(TT)
 Session III : (1 day-24hrs)
All hands on deck!
Youth and Adults!
Sept 1 - Sept 2
Fri . 7pm(Ja)/8pm(TT) - Sat. 7pm (Ja) /8pm(TT)
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321 . 754. 4357 (WhatsApp)

CCR Youth Prayz 
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NOW Youth

Our Youth are a part of God's Legacy Plan.

We believe in training up a child in the way he should go.

NEXT Leaders.

To advance the KIngdom of God on the earth by walking with God and fulfilling their purpose.

CCR Youth Prayz



Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself,

lest you forget the things your eyes have seen,

and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life.

And teach them to your children and your grandchildren,

especially concerning the day you stood

before the LORD your God in Horeb,

when the LORD said to me,

‘Gather the people to Me, and I will let them hear My words,

that they may learn to fear Me

all the days they live on the earth,

and that they may teach their children.'

Deuteronomy 4 : 9 - 10

Summer Schedule

Every summer, CCR Youth Prayz has a summer program with a discipleship and bible training. The program aims to strengthen young individuals with a strong foundation in their faith, equipping them with the necessary tools to become leaders in their communities. Through a combination of engaging workshops, interactive sessions, and meaningful discussions, participants are encouraged to deepen their understanding of scripture and develop a personal relationship with God. 

By immersing themselves in a supportive and vibrant environment, participants are inspired to grow spiritually, and embrace their unique calling. This transformative experience fosters lifelong friendships, and ignites a fervent desire to make a positive impact in the region and global space.


For more information about CCR programs and activities. Get in touch with us.

Weekly Schedule

Wednesday at 6 am (Ja)/7pm (TT)
Every Wednesday, we invite both you and your children to fast and pray with Caribbean Christian Response in our weekly morning prayer at 6am (Jamaica)/7am (Trinidad/Bahamas/USA-Miami).

We focus on praying and declaring God's will for our children.

Friday at 7pm (Ja) / 8pm (TT)

Every Friday, CCR Youth Prayz will be a space open for youth to pray together, for each other and for the youth of the region in our weekly evening gathering. Our focus is on Bible reading, prayer and praise.

We invite our youth to lead and use their God-given authority to speak and declare the will of God in their lives.